Our Staff

The staff at Sunset Sudbury believe that all people are curious by nature, that the most efficient, long-lasting, and profound learning takes place when started and pursued by the learner, and that all people are creative if they are allowed to develop their unique talents.

Michelle Beasley-Hunt is mom to a 10 year old daughter and step-mom to a 17 year old son.  Michelle’s work has always been in the arts. Her experiences include 10 years of work in film production as well as work creating 2-D and 3-D computer animation. She later combined her love of the arts and the joy she found in teaching to become a certified k-12 art teacher. Once Michelle learned of the Sudbury model there was no turning back! Michelle is excited to be a staff member at Sunset Sudbury. She is also delighted that her daughter is free to learn what she wants and how she wants in a supportive community of her peers.

SuzanaSuzana Schuster is a founding parent and became a stuff member 3 years ago.  She did her post graduate degree in BA at La Trove University in Melbourne, Australia in Art History and Sociology.  While finishing up her studies, she discovered yoga and has been an avid Iyengar yoga practitioner and teacher for the past 20 years.  In between staffing at the school, teaching yoga, and being a mother of an 8 and 11 year old, she is also becoming more deeply involved in the practice of Zen meditation.  She is an unwavering believer in the Sudbury model.

kathleen_smallKathleen O’Neill is a Nova Southeastern University graduate with a B.S. in Computer Information Systems and minor in psychology.  Having only attended traditional public schools, she recently stumbled upon Sunset by chance, but she has already seen how the Sudbury philosophy  creates children who are confident, thoughtful and effective communicators.  She is happy to be in an environment that fosters creativity and a lifelong love of learning.  She looks forward to watching the children grow and develop their talents.