Sunset Sudbury has a unique admissions process. We encourage you to learn as much about it as possible before deciding whether this program is right for your family.  Read more about our Admissions Policy.

Step 1: Learn about Sunset Sudbury

To explore if this is the right choice for your family, we encourage you to take some time to learn about us and what it would be like for your child to become a part of our school. There are many ways to learn about Sunset Sudbury.  For example, reading our FAQs, joining us at an open house event, calling and speaking to one of our staff members, or requesting more information by email.  We strongly encourage all parents to read “Free At Last” or “The Sudbury Valley School Experience” available on the Sudbury Valley School Press website.

Step 2: Tour the school

After gaining a preliminary understanding of our program and the Sudbury model, families are encouraged to schedule a tour of the school.  Afterwards, families are free to stay for a bit to interact with students & staff and ask any additional questions.

Step 3: Application and Admissions Conference

After the initial visit, students who are interested in joining the school must complete and submit our “Request Trial Visit” application, along with a non-refundable $50 application fee. Upon receipt, we will contact you to schedule an admission conference, which both parents (or legal guardians) and the prospective student are required to attend. During the conference, we will go over the Request Trial Visit form, which helps us get to know each other.

Step 4: Trial Visit

Once the admission conference has taken place and all parties agree to move forward, the next step is for the child to begin a Trial Visit, which is typically a week long.  The fee is $300 and it’s non-refundable. At the end of the week, we all meet again to review the week and either invite the student to enroll, extend the visiting time, or decide that Sunset Sudbury is not the right place for the student.

Step 5: Enroll

After the Trial Visit, our registrar will set up a meeting with you to complete all the necessary enrollment paperwork.