Tuition and Payment

Tuition is $7500 for the first student in a family, $5625 for the second student, and $3750 for the third and subsequent students in a family. Part-time tuition, available for students under 6 years of age, is $4500. Tuition is pro-rated from the first day of attendance following the completion of a visiting week.

Note: Visiting week is intended as the period in which both the community and the student’s family determine if Sunset Sudbury is the right fit for the student. Therefore, tuition payments are not due until the student actually enrolls, after a week of visiting. If a student subsequently withdraws or is removed before the end of the school year, any tuition that has been paid will not be returned; and the full tuition is still due whether or not the student attends for any part or all of the full year.


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