Admissions Policy

Sunset Sudbury School has an open admissions policy and we do not base admission on previous academic performance. It is essential that each prospective family develop a good understanding of our educational approach and be willing to support their child in pursuing their own interests. It is also important to determine that students are able to be fairly independent and fully responsible for themselves within our school.

Being a student at Sunset Sudbury carries substantial freedom and substantial responsibility. Willing participation is essential. Family support of the student and the school’s program are also vitally important to the student’s successful experience.

At any time of year, admission is open to students who meet two criteria:

  • The student chooses to join the School.
  • The community and the family believe that the student can thrive in Sunset Sudbury’s program.

Enrollment limits are set by School Meeting; if enrollment levels reach the set limit, a waiting list is instituted.

Sunset Sudbury admits students of any race, creed, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, national and ethnic origin and welcomes families of every composition.