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Five Reasons to Enroll your Child in Sunset Sudbury School

Every student is honored at Sunset Sudbury School –  In a traditional school, the principal and the teachers have more power than students.   The students are the lowest entities in the school.  Students are ranked and valued, and devalued, based … Continue reading

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Radical K-12 Broward County School Defies Critics with Increased Enrollment after First Year

No Grades, No Tests, No Teachers.  No Problem!  Sunset Sudbury School proves that there is a need for a radical K-12 school in Broward County, Florida. May 9, 2011 – Davie, Florida  — Imagine a school where students get to … Continue reading

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Why Self Directed Learning Schools are Better for K-12 students

It is our nature to be curious. Look at very young children, they are unstoppable! And I have never seen a bored newborn! It seems that when children are allowed to pursue their own interests and master their environment, which … Continue reading

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Education Options for Children with ADHD in South Florida

“Leila, was that a dream? Or is your school real?” Suzy asked my daughter after spending the day at Sunset Sudbury School.  Six students sat in the art room working on their projects while explaining the school to Suzy. At … Continue reading

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Sunset Sudbury School Announces “A Taste of Sudbury” Summer Camp Program

Sunset Sudbury School,, is proud to announce “A Taste of Sudbury”, the school’s inaugural Summer Camp Program, which will be held from June 13th to August 12th, 2011. A Taste of Sudbury is a unique opportunity for children ages 5-13 to experience the freedom and challenges of life at Sunset Sudbury School during the Summer. During the nine week Summer Camp, parents and students can see first-hand the unlimited opportunities for self-directed learning in a supportive community environment. Continue reading

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Lesson in Bones

At one student’s request, Dr. Danny Wescott, Professor of Anthropology at Florida International University, hauled his bone collection over to our school to share with students.

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A parent reflects on her child’s learning

by Carla Rover My 6 year old pulls a face and insists that 5 more minutes of play won’t make him too sleepy to wake up in the morning. I pretend to grudgingly give in. His “play” is learning about … Continue reading

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Parent’s Rights

Understanding Sudbury / Parents’ Rights –  by Dionne Ekendiz By now, we (parents and students) have all probably realized that this school isn’t as easy as it first seems. Even though our children get to do what they want all … Continue reading

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Building Fund

Thank you everyone! We raised over $5,600! Our campaign is closed! We are thrilled to announce that we have found a wonderful place to serve as the home for Sunset Sudbury School! Please help us bring this much needed school … Continue reading

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Video Conference with Spring Valley School

A great big THANK YOU  to Corri and Diane Ballou for taking time out of their Sunday last week to answer questions and share their experiences as a student and founder of Spring Valley School. Their Sudbury school has been … Continue reading

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