Sunset Sudbury Attending the 2011 Sudbury Conference

Sunset Sudbury will be attending the 2011 Sudbury Conference that takes place from July 24th to July 26th at Fairhaven School on 17900 Queen Anne Road, Upper Marlboro, Maryland. This conference is a congregation of Sudbury schools from across the country that unites to learn from one another and improve their unique style of alternative education. Kathy Williams, the Co-Founder of the Sunset Sudbury School in Florida explains, “This conference is a great opportunity for us to network, learn from each other and build our existing knowledge of running a Sudbury Model School.”

Sunset Sudbury School is a K-12 school located in Broward County, Florida. Sunset Sudbury is a non-profit and private establishment that is operated democratically. In fact, all Sudbury schools are managed in a way that students and staff members have an equal say. The “curriculum” at Sunset Sudbury, and other Sudbury schools, is not anywhere near identical to what most individuals would associate with an educational syllabus. Instead, the learning style is based on typical human social interactions and a free choice of the student to study subjects that truly interest them.

The 2011 Sudbury Conference includes six different sessions over the course of three days. The sessions encompass topics from the business end of running a Sudbury school to what techniques work for the students and which don’t. There are several guest speakers with different levels of expertise in their field of study. The 2011 Sudbury Conference is an excellent way for many Sudbury model schools to get together and share their experiences. This invaluable learning opportunity could help Sunset Sudbury grow to an even more knowledgeable and prosperous school, not only for themselves, but for the wonderful children they are educating.