Sunset Sudbury: The Children’s Imagination

Ever wonder what might be your child’s ideal school? Well, I got a little glimpse today when three students came running up to me today very excited to tell me all about their “magic school”. They insisted I write this down so they wouldn’t forget.
The Magic School has…

  • fairies with pixie dust for flying and a magic glowing flower,
  • sharks that help you swim and don’t bite if you don’t bother them,
  • water fountains and real mermaids,
  • bounce houses and water slides,
  • stars that glow,
  • a real-life Rapunzel,
  • rainbows, snow, reindeer, and a beach,
  • new markers (and you get to keep them),
  • it’s in Colorado,
  • only kids can go, but parents can pick them up,
  • gifts that don’t run out,
  • squirrels that don’t bite,
  • flowers you can climb on,
  • shots from the doctor don’t hurt,
  • Rapunzel can sing out splinters with her magic song,
  • Santa Claus is there,
  • invisible gold rocks that you trip over and then the fairies make you fly,
  • there’s a lot of things…

The independent learning environment at Sunset Sudbury allows the children to be as creative as possible and to have such wonderful imaginations, like the “Magic School.” Contact us if you are interested in learning more about our self directed learning school in Broward County.